Did Kevin Levrone Takes Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Kevin Levrone is one of an ideal example in the bodybuilding world.

He is a man of success, who gathered many achievements and set records in the number of competitions, they all are considered as the best.

Kevin Levrone bodybuilder

In the career, he has played or appear in total 68 professional competitions and only highlight the 23 competitions by winning.

Kevin is a professional IFBB bodybuilder AKA “Maryland muscle machine” and “IFBB Hall Of Fame”. He is an actor and singer too.

Kevin Levrone is one of the famous Pro bodybuilders who admitted steroid use.

It is common that everyone who is competing on the stage and want to win the competition probably takes some help from the anabolic steroids.

I’m not saying that every bodybuilder won by taking help of the drugs. The natty bodybuilders very rarely find in our industry.

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Some of the bodybuilders are very brave and talk about steroids.

Read my blog and find out the 10 most famous bodybuilders who have admitted steroid practice.

While the majority hides the steroid use due to legal issues and bad effect on their career.

There are many articles published online in which the celebrities or steroid allegations are Verdict by evidence, assumption, and more specifically in drug testing.

To clear the drug test is not only an indication of natural one because there are many techniques and methods by which they hide anabolic steroid practice and the use of some other illegal compounds.

The one of an ideal example is that selecting the drugs which have a very short half life and tend to release from the system in a very short period of time.

As a summary, they did not admit steroid use anyhow.

Kevin Athlete Statistics:

  • Weight of the body: 225-235lbs (102.1-106.6kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’11’’ (180cm)

Body Measurements:

  • Arms: 24’’
  • Chest: 57’’
  • Waist: 29’’
  • Thighs: 32’’
  • Calves: 19.5’’

Kevin Levrone Has Talked About Steroids:

Wondering is it that everyone knows about the Kevin steroids.

Kevin Levrone steroids useWhen the bodybuilders talk about anabolic use so, simultaneously they gather the interest of audiences.

The Kevin Levrone is a very bold man and did not shy to talk about the anabolic drugs topic.

There are several articles are published in which the Kevin Levrone career and steroid use interview is discussed in very detail.

He said that he did the first cycle of steroids when he was only 24 years old.

Kevin also mentioned that the source was my cousin who brought a bottle of Testo Max by Crazy Bulk and then I started in order to notice the effects.

One of the most widely question asked by Kevin Levrone is that:

How much time period you did the steroid practice?

Kevin replied this question is that: when I first started gearing so, I responded very fast with the benefits. At that time I realized that I don’t need so much for gearing because I don’t need them more.

It would approximately six months that I did not use any illegal compounds.

According to him: It is not a good idea to increase the dose of the same drugs.

I never increase the dose of any drug, I just increased the time-period of a steroid cycle from six to eight weeks

It is important to take the drugs in moderate amount and taking the long break.

Kevin Levrone Steroids:

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                          Kevin Levrone steroids
Steroids Dosages
Testosterone cypionate 400 milligrams- 600 milligrams per week
Deca 400 milligrams
Anadrol 700 milligrams per week
Winstrol V 50-milligrams amps twice a week
Halotestin tabs 20 milligrams per  day
Nolvadex Anti-estrogen

Test Cypionate, Anadrol, and Deca are working well for me.

I didn’t respond badly because I did not try a lot of compounds and overdose them.

Kevin steroid cycle:

Kevin longer cycle duration is 12 weeks and 8 weeks of a moderate cycle.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH):

Human Growth Hormones were relatively famous at that time and more particularly HGH became a piece of interest for the many individuals.

Kevin Levrone HGH steroids

When Kevin started competing, HGH is unique or new to him.

The reason behind won the Arnold Classic in the year 1966 is that he used the HGH every day.

The very first cycle started from the Test Cypionate which could remain for a week. The approximate range may be 400 milligrams per week. After I am getting some Improvements into my physique, I decided to turn into the Pro.

I had done a lot for getting Pro and exceed the Test Cypionate dose to the 600 milligrams per week.

Despite Test and HGH, I added the Deca-Durabolin and Anadrol for 400 milligrams per week.

The 100 milligrams per day and 700 milligrams per week approximately.

Off-season Cycle:

Kevin Levrone steroids cycleThe off-season cycle helps me to bulk up 30 pounds.

When I was preparing for Amateur shows In the year 1990 and 1991.

For furnished my preparation, I just added the Winstrol around 50 milligrams twice a week.

The total amount of Winny was 200 milligrams per week.

The testosterone supplements and Deca are particularly long-acting so I left both of these compounds for another week.

1. Winstrol:

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that was first created in the 1950s and becomes popular. It is common among the beginners as well as an intermediate.

Most of the celebrities using Phenq as their best phentermine alternative for quick weight loss.

Winstrol is a common drug among athletes for cutting cycle.

It plays an important role to build up the strength, reduced fat and increase an endurance level.

2. Deca-Durabolin:

Deca-Durabolin is the second most popular anabolic steroid for bulking after testosterone.

Deca is crucial to build up the muscle mass and associate with a low effect of estrogen.

3. Anadrol:

Anadrol is also a famous steroid in the bodybuilding in order to increase the weight gain, improves strength and endurance level.

In the medical, It was used for the treatment of anemia.

4. Halotestin:

Halotestin is an anabolic steroid that is used to increase the recovery time period, malnutrition, prevent wasting of muscle and heal the injuries in tissues and the joints.


Kevin has the ultimate genetics and he could beat the old time bodybuilders like Arnold.

The modern Pros are using more drugs and anabolic as compared to the 60’s and 70’s bodybuilders.

He took very bold action to admit steroid taking which is appreciated.

Check Kevin Levrone Instagram to see recent bodybuilding pictures.